The people at Nestlé wanted a design that they would be proud to give as a gift to their friends, something authentic, tasteful and exclusive that produced positive emotions.

Problem to be solved

To unclutter and simplify the brand’s 1990’s style design. Find a color scheme and printing techniques to reflect the brand’s claim Modre
z nebe—“Out of the blue”—that produces an emotional response and stands out from the other designs on the shelf.

Our solution

We chose a sky blue with a touch of milkiness and removed the cutter to allow the chocolates to speak for themselves. We used true unaltered photos of the handcrafted chocolates for authenticity. The Modre z nebe and surrounding swish was hand drawn and placed on a deep emotional blue surrounded by raised gold. We worked closely with our printer using the newest techniques to achieve an elegant and emotive effect that is striking against the soft blue background.