The brief was to modernise the Orion Easter visuals for younger “Instagram" generations. They wanted a fresh design for their chocolate eggs that young people would not be ashamed to give to friends, but that still contained traditional Easter elements, and feature the Orion dark blue.


The problem to be solved was how to visually unify the Orion’s wide range of Easter products in an instantly recognisable style, but still differentiate them visually.


Our design solution was to tie all the products together with an Orion-blue table cloth as a background. For traditional elements we used traditional Czech Easter art drawn by hand, and printed the pattern on the background with a DIY stamping technique. To differentiate the SKUs we gave each a unified color scheme for the foil cover. Several examples are eggs with a blue background with white and gold patterns, a slightly saturated pastel design with hand-drawn animals in white, and a white background with coloured animal illustrations and gold over one end of the egg, among others.